Month: September 2017


This is probably the most personal and real poem that I’ve ever written. As it says, I can’t explain this thing that I’ve had for years. It has a name but I don’t feel incli… Source: continuing/poem

Imagining a guilty plea

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecution against Sloven is scheduled for 2pm Monday at Banbury Magistrates Court. If the Trust plead guilty it will be a short hearing adjourned until a sen… Source: Imagining a guilty plea

40. Kleenex and wine

Dragging myself towards the end of 50/90: 14 days and 10 songs to go! Once upon a time, before April, I would’ve said that’s impossible, but now it’s like, sure whevs. One today, two tomorrow, 8 in… Source: 40. Kleenex and wine