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Hark, it’s midnight, children dear. Duck! Here comes another year!

If you start listening to “Ride” by Lane Del Rey at exactly 12:58:31 on New Year’s Eve, you can sing along to “I am alone at midnight” at exactly midnight. Start your New Year honestly.


And so this is Christmas ?

11am Christmas Day and I’m sitting in Blakelaw Club having a pint – by myself as usual.

Not how today was supposed to be. My friend JJ was supposed to be crashing at mine over the Christmas period – Christmas period dinner and everything. Letting someone in my flat is a huge thing for me – due to my mental health issues. Even my late parents , who only lived 200 yards away, were only in it once in 6 years!

JJ lives with several Mental Health issues (including Bipolar, OCD , Panic/Anxiety, Self harm etc). They also live with Aspergers . They are also Trans (FtM) – don’t worry I havehave their permission to reveal this.

JJ is estranged from their parents following JJ’s decision to come out. They are, however, still in contact with their siblings who are however supportive. JJ went down to Yorkshire on Friday to see their brother and sisters – planning to return to Newcastle on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately ,their parents found out about this and turned up at the meeting. They confronted JJ and verbally abused them. This caused JJ to have a meltdown.

As they are both GPs , JJ’s parents easily convinced the authorities to Section JJ undrt a Section 4 for 72 hours. I have a nasty feeling it will be changed to a Section 2 (up to 28 days incarnation).

I’ve been sectioned before – usually Section 5(2) or 5(4). It is no fun having your liberty denied .

Things had started going okay for JJ. After 18+ months of homelessness and couch surfing they had just been offered a supported flat in Richmond not too far from their siblings. Moving in second week of January.

So, I’m offering this pint as a toast to JJ and all my people who are wrongly incarcerated in Mental Health Units and ATUs. I LOVE YOU ALL!

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Gypsy and traveller families ‘hounded out’ of areas in act of ‘social cleansing’ as councils impose sweeping bans’ was the ominous heading of a story printed in the Independent last month. It may sound like a news article from 1940s Italy, but this demonstrates the alarming fact that antigyspsyism is perceived by many to be the last socially “acceptable” form of racism in the UK today.


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I just feel so stressed out over certain things right now. Someone has to raise this point urgently.

From: Musings of a Trainee Battleaxe

I can’t relax or sleep at night because I’m stressed out over certain things right now. I’m upset that due to having a disability involving the PDA nature of Autism most likely means that people will chose to punish me rather than help me. That is an awful way to have to live. There will NEVER be support there but only punishment. There will always be HATE there but not love. I’ve read so many stories this week relating to those with the PDA profile of Autism literally coming home from school as a child or work as an adult (if they’re lucky enough to get employment) actually crying and saying that they deserve to die because others have made them feel extremely bad for their issues.

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No respect – the hi-jacking of the symbol of the ‘gilet jaunes’

“Predictably, as you can see from the image at the top of this post, The People’s Assembly have decided to mobilise to be in Parliament Square from 5pm onwards next Tuesday and in their promotion for this, they’ve hi-jacked the potent symbol of the yellow vest for their own cynical ends. Namely, hoping to play a part in forcing a general election and paving the way for the triumphal entry of a Corbyn led Labour government.

The People’s Assembly must have the intellectual capacity to see that the revolt of the ‘gilet jaunes’ in France is a grassroots, apolitical one. So, the only thing we can conclude from The People’s Assembly hi-jacking the potent symbol of the yellow jacket for their cynical Labour vote begging exercise in Parliament Square is that they want astroturf any spontaneous protest and turn it into yet another tedious Corbyn love fest.

That’s if people let them get away with it. The political climate is unpredictable and volatile, full of risks but also full of opportunities as well. Let’s not allow the likes of The People’s Assembly to try and smother any attempt for the real voice of the pissed of millions to have their say and to act if they see fit. See you in Parliament Square on Tuesday:) ”

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