What’s it all about Cal?

Welcome to my blog. My name is Cal aka The Social Hermit aka Camerados Cal!

– Camerados Hermit Punk Monk

– AnarchoGreen Geek

– Irish Geek

– PsychogeographyGeek

Mad Pride Activist

– BiPolarGeek/OCDGeek/AnxietyGeek/PanicAttackGeek

Cripple Punk

– AnginaGeek

– AsthmaGeek

– GeocachingGeek

– ScienceGeek

– Archive/LibraryGeek

– GenealogyGeek

– PhilosophyGeek

– TheologyGeek

– HistoryGeek

– PhotoGeek

– ZineGeek

– Maker/TinkererGeek

– PhotographyGeek

Did I mention that I am a Geek?

Hoping to set up small press/Zine distro.

Psychogeographer/Drifter – out-&-out misfit in a world of conformity! Dreamer, radical, tilter at windmills.

I’m Bipolar 2, OCD, a Self-harmer, Heart Attack Survivor, Diverticulitis Diva, A Two Smashed Knees/Hips Cripple Punk, but still fighting this corrupt and murderous system.

This will also be, from 28th May 2020, my site for my writing and photography project ‘1-52’. The project consists of my producing a piece of writing (poetry or prose) each week. Also a photograph each day week will be uploaded. Each piece of writing will be on a theme picked at random from my humongous list of prompts. The photos will also be on a random theme from another list. Each prompt on the lists are numbered and I’ll be asking Facebook friends to pick a number each day and I’ll use the corresponding prompt on the lists. The project was inspired mainly by Marie Lightman’s Prompt Response.

I’m also going to be using the blog as a record of my journeys through life – political journey, mental/physical health journey, and my journey to re-educate myself.