11am Christmas Day and I’m sitting in Blakelaw Club having a pint – by myself as usual.

Not how today was supposed to be. My friend JJ was supposed to be crashing at mine over the Christmas period – Christmas period dinner and everything. Letting someone in my flat is a huge thing for me – due to my mental health issues. Even my late parents , who only lived 200 yards away, were only in it once in 6 years!

JJ lives with several Mental Health issues (including Bipolar, OCD , Panic/Anxiety, Self harm etc). They also live with Aspergers . They are also Trans (FtM) – don’t worry I havehave their permission to reveal this.

JJ is estranged from their parents following JJ’s decision to come out. They are, however, still in contact with their siblings who are however supportive. JJ went down to Yorkshire on Friday to see their brother and sisters – planning to return to Newcastle on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately ,their parents found out about this and turned up at the meeting. They confronted JJ and verbally abused them. This caused JJ to have a meltdown.

As they are both GPs , JJ’s parents easily convinced the authorities to Section JJ undrt a Section 4 for 72 hours. I have a nasty feeling it will be changed to a Section 2 (up to 28 days incarnation).

I’ve been sectioned before – usually Section 5(2) or 5(4). It is no fun having your liberty denied .

Things had started going okay for JJ. After 18+ months of homelessness and couch surfing they had just been offered a supported flat in Richmond not too far from their siblings. Moving in second week of January.

So, I’m offering this pint as a toast to JJ and all my people who are wrongly incarcerated in Mental Health Units and ATUs. I LOVE YOU ALL!