I’m in Barcelona for a long weekend. Came over to surprise a friend. Writing this at Casa Almirall bar in the El Raval area. The people I’m staying with are at work so I’m sitting watching the world go by. Barcelona is a wonderful place and I feeling totally at home here. Beautiful architecture, friendly people, fantastic galleries/museums, mouthwatering food and inebriating beers and wines. I haven’t felt this relaxed for years. Someone give me a few hundred thousand euros so I can move here!

Glad to be away from Newcastle-upon-Tyne for a while – especially on a Bank Holiday weekend which tends to bring out the worst in people (at least it does in my nevk of the woods). I don’t have to sit in my local and hear morons spouting bile about refugees, immigrants, Muslims etc. Not having to hear some bigot say “F##king n#####’s coming here coming here – claiming benefits and taking our jobs”. This is the Schrodinger’s Immigrant Paradox. It’s normally spouted by some chav in a tracksuit who’s never done a days work in their pathetic lives. Sadly I’ve got to return to the UKIP tomorrow (Monday).

Hacer puente means ‘to make a bridge’ and it’s a metaphorical way of describing taking a long weekend off.