It was my birthday yesterday and how did I spend my morning? Attending the cremation of my friend Christine. Not how I wished to start the day. I ended the day the way I started it – alone. Nobody bothered asking if I’d like some company or go for a drink. I don’t remember a time since 2008 when I haven’t spent my birthday on my own. Even before 2008 there were only a handful of times that anyone cared to join me on my birthday.

Yes, I do like my own company and I am somewhat of a loner. Yet some human company at times would be welcome. I sit in my local social club and not one of my “friends” in there ever bothers to come and say hello and sit with me for a few minutes. Yet they are happy to sit with assholes who call them behind their backs.

Yea Gods! I’m starting to sound like Victor Meldrew!