Nobody is actually following or reading this so-called blog,but I'm writing this anyway!

I had planned to start this blog on 1st January. However, due to health problems I have had to put it on hold. My Bipolar2 has been savaging me and my physical health has also take a couple of knocks. 

With any luck I'll be starting to use this regularly from now on.

One reply on “Hiatus”

I am following.

If you can please blog, as bipolar is the latest big disorder, that 10 years ago UK psychiatrists were funded to concentrate on.

I would certainly, as I am sure many others would, want to know, if you want to tell how it affects you.

And how does it differ from unstable personality disorder and does medication work, not that there is a control ie if you were on placebo.

I hope you feel better and get the incentive back to write blog posts.

Blogs provide information not out there, and you never know, who may read it and if it benefits anyone including yourself its worth it.

Best Wishes Finola Moss

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