Paul Hewitt – Behind The Facade – Service Shenanigans

Another excellent article by Dr Sally Baker.

Jan Tregalles, the Chief Exec of Mencap, and Vivien Cooper, the Chief Exec of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, put out a joint statement stating that Atlas offered ‘specialist care’ that cost up to £4000/week per person and that ‘poor commissioning’ from numerous local authorities and ‘weak inspection’ allowed an abusive culture to develop and sustain itself. Have they only just noticed? Bloggers like Mark Neary, Finola Moss and Sara Ryan have been trying to expose this for years. Indeed Sara Ryan seems to feel about Mencap the way that I feel about MIND – she has always termed them ‘Mencrap’.

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  1. Dear Dr. Hewitt,
    I have been trying to access Dr. Sally Baker’s blog, to which you have contributed as well, and were rather concerned by how we cannot seem to access it. I thought it would be a good idea to tell you – although if anything’s up, I imagine you already know. But do you know of a way we can gain access? We’ve been getting a ‘504 Gateway Time-Out’ message – if anything.

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