Yet another boring weekend almost over. I’ve not been out of my flat since Friday. In fact Friday was a disaster! I was supposed to be meeting my Support Worker in local cafe at 11am. So 1030 comes and I go to leave. I put my key in the lock to open the door and the key jams! So there I am stuck in my flat unable to get out! Rang Council and they promised to send workman out by 1130!

So I rang my Support Worker, David, and explained what happened! It was an important meeting as well, as we were supposed to go over my Care Plan. We had to rearrange it for next Friday. Grrrr!

Workman arrived 1105 and took only 5 minutes to fix lock. A record for Newcastle-upon-Tyne Council workmen! Too late to save my appointment, I tootled off to the chemist to pick up prescription. Only to be told they didn’t have it in stock and no local chemist had any. Also the supplier was out of stock!

Hey Ho! Such is life!