Screw Cygnet and their torture clinics!


“More imperialism on ATU’s and Cygnet:

Private Mental Hospitals Increase as the Cygnet Autism Empire grows.
by finolamoss

So what has six years of post Winterbourne initiatives, campaigns and the end of public NHS mental bed admissions achieved ?

The increase of private hospital inpatient admissions.

Yet, Winterbourne View was a private hospital.

‘Independent ‘psychiatrists in private hospitals are, apparently being paid for second opinions to enable the discharge of autistic patients from public ATUs to the private hospitals who employ these ‘independent’ psychiatrists.

Some might call that poaching.

Three New Monstrosities

Cygnet’s Headlines portray expansions, as improving autistic ‘services’;

‘ New Autistic Disorder Service Opening Soon’- November 2017.

To ‘enhance the care pathway in specialist Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) services available within the hospital. This new service will be funded by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

The Springs Centre will support up to 14 men with a primary diagnosis of ASD and comorbid mental ill health difficulties and/or mild learning disabilities in a locked rehabilitation environment.

It will be positioned “between” the existing specialist services within the hospital; 16-bed The Springs Unit which provides low secure accommodation and 10-bed The Springs Wing, our open specialist rehabilitation service.

The Springs Centre will also provide four rapid or emergency access beds which will support those who may be in crisis or have high dependency needs – for example, if a community placement has broken down or if they are struggling in open rehabilitation environments’.

It is assumed the autistic will not be living with their families, as few do particularly if under 25..

In addition, Cygnet Hospital Maidstone, a new 65-bed build is to open next Summer

Let us remind ourselves of Cygnet’s record on ‘treatment’.

A Christmas Tale of Autistic lives. And Cygnet’s £12,500 a week NHS bonanza.
Anorexic Jodie’s Cygnet ‘help’No psychologist, communication, assessment, protection, just death, cost £21,000.
24 year old dies in Cygnet after 11 forced Olanzapine injections in 10 days

And the fact that Cygnet is now owned by US Universal Health Services, whose executive was Simon Stevens now head of NHS England.

Payers of $8.4 million for false claims Universal Health Services take over Cygnet Health Care for £205 Million.

And let us remind ourselves that rehabilitation to enable going ‘home’, if ever, is a home of more of the same but termed ‘community living’, also increasingly owned by US Universal Health Services via Cambian.

Adult Treatment Units to ‘Community Living’ – Turf War for Billions ?

And here we have workers comments on Cygnet’s services.

Comments/Information on Cygnet’s actual services

And why is this happening?

The autistic are huge cash cows .

The Spring Centre with this new provision for an extra 14 men in locked rehabilitation and 4 rapid/emergency beds, will earn £13,000 per week per man, in addition to the existing 26 bed low secure units where each man earns £7,000 per week.

That is £416,000 a week.

Over one and a half million a month, over 16 million a year to look after 44 autistics.

And what do the autistic get for such huge amounts of public money ?

Renovation of a large house in a cheap area, plenty of drugs, a consultant psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, a nurse practitioner, an occupational therapist, a manager and deputy, and minimum ratio to patient care workers/nurses on shifts, and cooking, cleaning and laundry provision.

How long is the income guaranteed for ?

For ever and increasing, despite our crippled NHS , even without new builds.

Is there any competition ?

No, as Cygnet is deemed the only ‘specialist provider’ under HSCA 12.

Does it improve the quality of life/outcomes for the autistic ?

There is no data kept on this.

What is their life like for £13,000/£7,000 a week ?

Drugged, washed, dressed, and maybe after years taken out in a van for a ride strapped into a wheelchair and perhaps visits from family who they by now may barely recognise.

They have no rights, as sectioned each year under MHA, and then deemed ‘incapable’ for life under the MCA, with yearly reviews of their Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

All in their ‘best interests’.

And all agencies and experts primed and employed to increase this empire by detection and meltdown, as this is the only funded ‘support’.

Cygnet this year were given a a £300m commissioning budget for 11 new care model programmes, to create a new models of care for low and medium secure adult mental health services, Tier 4 child and adolescent mental health services and eating disorder services. By creating new partnerships the aim is to explore new opportunities to improve care pathways for our service users

So we have a seamless cabal from birth to grave, too big to fail or fight.

And always on the look out for new lucrative captive consumers.”

Source: Three New Monstrosities