A great article on grief. I wish this site had been up in 2008.

No, time definitely isn’t a “great healer”! Last week was the 11th anniversary of my mother’s death and the pain is still as raw. I had the 11th anniversary of my mam’s death in February. I’m still grieving 11 years on. I couldn’t grieve properly for my mum as I had to be strong for my dad who was disabled. Then he died 5 months later.

After my dad’s funeral ended I went home alone – not one of my uncles,aunts, cousins said okay do you want to come back to ours. If it hadn’t been for 4 of my parent’s elderly frirnds helping me over the following days I would have ended my own life. My relations said “We’ll be in touch” 11 years on and I’m still waiting.

There hardly any counselling provision in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I got 3 short sessions from the Carer’s Centre and that was it.

At least this year I didn’t self-harm or overdose on the anniversary – lets see if I can do the same next year!